I’d love to connect you to who you really are. I’d love for you to feel seen, supported, and loved.

Some say that religion comes from the Greek word re-ligare, which means to reconnect. I always said my religion is kindness, but my belief is in connection. 

When you are disconnected, you often feel as though there is a sense of emptiness, or not having enough time or energy. Sometimes disconnection comes in the form of not being able to be present or remember the good things in life, like the homerun of your son, forgetting to pick-up your daughter from school, not hearing the words: “Mommy, you are beautiful”.

I offer coaching to help you re-connect with

  • your body so you can listen to the signals that will lead you to your right path.
  • nature, silence and your intuition and inner wisdom.
  • your voice, so you feel confident to start creating your own life.
  • your dreams so you get excited to start living them.

It is my hope for you that you become the explorer of your own life. So that you can be free to

  • Discover who you truly are, follow your curiosity and develop your talents
  • Become inspired to use your life experiences to empower and help the world
  • Gain awareness of what you value most in life and enjoy your path in life

Life can be an adventure when you become an explorer of your own life. I am here to guide and support you experiencing more freedom to be you. Let the adventure begin!